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Lick Feeders

Fabstock can help with the supply of a whole range of lick feeders but the majority of farmers use a chemical drum cut in half and placed inside an old car tyre. What ever you use must have drain holes and if Fabstock becomes wet just cover with a layer of fresh Fabstock to give the wet product time to dry out.

1 Tonne Lick Feeder - Fabstock

1 Tonne Lick Feeder

These feeders hold 1 Tonne of feed to quickly and efficiently feed your stock.

Save money on buying our bulk 1 Tonne bags.

Price: $1045 (inc GST)

6 Bag Lick Feeder - Fabstock

6 Bag Lick Feeder

These feeders hold 6 bags and have a hinged lid

Price: $418 (inc GST)

Advantage Feeder

Can be hooked onto a gate or bolted to a self feeder. Hold 3 bags.

Price: $175+GST

Recycled tyre feeder

These work very well being quite strong and heavy. Hold 2 bags

Price: $30+GST

Chemical drum inside a car tyre.

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Bruce & Mark Whitby

Our wether weaners were really struggling for nutrition and were only in “store condition at best” at the end of a long hot dry summer early this year. We were very impressed with how quickly their health and condition improved once we started putting the Fabstock out which also greatly reduced the number with scours.

In previous years we always had to channel or crutch about 20% of the mob prior to selling but after feeding them Fabstock for a few months we only had to tidy up about 1%. Also in past years we always lost about 5 or 6 head to natural causes between weaning and selling but this year with them on “Kickstart” we lost none! After a very tough start the eventual sale results on these lambs through the Wagga sale yards was most pleasing. The tops made up to $132 per head with the average being around $105 and we have no doubt that the “Kickstart” made all the difference improving their health, nutrition and growth rates. 

We have no hesitation in recommending Fabstock to any prospective purchaser especially since it is only about half the price of most other similar dry licks products.