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The use of either loose lick or block mineral supplements in livestock enterprises has long been debated. Statements regarding their use cover the full spectrum ranging from being essential in reducing deficiencies and assisting production to having no noticable impact at all.

Farmlink Research - Temora Ag Innovation CentreRecent independent trials conducted at the Temora Agricultural Innovation Centre have demonstrated the positive benefit of Fabstock supplements on lamb growth rates finished on high quality lucerne pasture.  The weights of lambs ranged from light stores (28kg) through to trade lambs (50kg) and were finished for 6 weeks.  Lambs provided with ad lib Fabstock Feedlot mix achieved growth rates up to 100gms/day higher than those not on aupplement.  The increase in growth rates was achieved across all weight categories with lambs reaching growth rates around 500gms/day at stages during the trial.

Treatments were swapped toward the end of the trial and the response of Fabstock was immediate with the lambs that were previously not receiving supplement increasing growth rates and those taken off Fabstock dropping to lower levels.  This indicates that mineral supplimentation of lambs needs to be maintained throughout the finishing timeframe.

The average advantage of the supplemented lambs at sale was $9 per lamb and with the cost of Fabstock for the 6 weeks averaging $1.50/head, this represents a return of 600% on the expense of Fabstock.

Definitely worth its weight and more, even on high quality pasture.

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Fabstock sheep supplement

arrow upGrowth

sheepExtra $9 per head 
than without Fabstock (at sale of lambs)*

Reduced wastage
Minerals & vitamins are sealed in with vegetable oil until they are digested

*independent trial conducted by

Temora Agricultural
Innovation Centre

arrow downCost

cattle feedUp to 50% cheaper
than similiar dry licks available on the market

600% Return on Investment
on the cost of Fabstock cost (at sale of lambs)*

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Bruce & Mark Whitby

Our wether weaners were really struggling for nutrition and were only in “store condition at best” at the end of a long hot dry summer early this year. We were very impressed with how quickly their health and condition improved once we started putting the Fabstock out which also greatly reduced the number with scours.

In previous years we always had to channel or crutch about 20% of the mob prior to selling but after feeding them Fabstock for a few months we only had to tidy up about 1%. Also in past years we always lost about 5 or 6 head to natural causes between weaning and selling but this year with them on “Kickstart” we lost none! After a very tough start the eventual sale results on these lambs through the Wagga sale yards was most pleasing. The tops made up to $132 per head with the average being around $105 and we have no doubt that the “Kickstart” made all the difference improving their health, nutrition and growth rates. 

We have no hesitation in recommending Fabstock to any prospective purchaser especially since it is only about half the price of most other similar dry licks products.